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At Davis Floral Company we have been propagating plants for over three decades. Most of our products ship in from overseas as unrooted cuttings. Our team of professional growers nurses them into strong rooted cuttings, which we proudly ship to our customers to finish in their own nursery or greenhouse. Some customers just drive in the old fashioned way and pick up what they need, but mostly the rooted cuttings are purchased through one of the many brokers with which we have established business. To place an order, or to see what we currently have available please follow the appropriate link. Throughout the years we have propagated all kinds of products. Availability depends on the time of year, here is more information on the two major seasons we currently work with:

Rooted Poinsettias

Starting in July our greenhouses get the Christmas spirit when thousands of unrooted poinsettia cuttings arrive from overseas. They are rooted in Oasis strips and ship from mid July through August. Contact us for more information, or contact one of our brokers if you are interested in ordering.

Rooted Spring Annuals

pring fever starts in December at Davis Floral Company, although it is always spring in our greenhouse. From late December until April we are rooting our spring annuals for our own finished production as well as for our customers around the country. Most of this business is preordered, although we have some overage and put out availability for last minute buyers. For a list of the varieties we are currently carrying click here. If you are looking for someone to root something and it is not on our list give us a call or email us.

Lines we offer Davis Floral Company:

Greenfuse - Annuals and Perennials
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The Suntory Collection
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Liner Samples

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