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Company History

In 1962, Robert Davis erected one wood frame house and began producing greenhouse tomatoes. In 1964, after earning his masters degree in horticulture from the University of Georgia, he added five more houses and Davis Floral Company became a full-time business. In 1966, Davis began growing cut mums for the local florist market. Upon their marriage in 1967, Ann Davis joined her husband in the business full time. Over the next few years, tomatoes were phased out and the cut flower line was expanded and sold to local florists throughout the 1970's

Since 1981 Davis Floral has remained focused on propagation and finished flowering annuals and recently added finished perennial production. In business for over 50 years now, we are proud to be operating under our second generation. Michael Davis received a horticulture degree from UGA in 1997 and an MBA in 2003, after which he returned to help his parents’ run the business. Michael officially took over the reins in July of 2010, with Ann and Robert close by still working on a part-time basis to ensure a seamless transition. Michael’s wife Lisa joined the team in 2010 and together they follow the Davis tradition of working hard to grow the family business through exceptional quality and customer service.

We market our finished product to independent garden centers of all sizes from Georgia through South Carolina and into North Carolina. We work with major brokers to distribute our prefinished products and rooted cuttings nationwide. And we are pleased to announce that the company has recently joined the list of Suntory Annual and GreenFuse licensees.

Davis Floral Company is doing its best to balance the old and the new. We are proud of our tradition of excellence, and have employees and customers who have been with us for decades, At the same time, we have new people, new ideas, and the energy of youth and the desire for innovation.Year round we serve a wholesale market within a 250-mile radius of our location. We ship our cuttings and our prefinished material all over the country. Our customers are independent garden centers, from the mom and pop operation to the high end retail chain. You can find our finished product in small town hardware stores and Whole Foods in Atlanta and everywhere in between. We are still a family business though, and there are days when three generations of Davis’ are roaming around pitching in.

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