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Tropical Prefinished

Not every greenhouse is set up to grow tropical plants from a rooted cutting. This is why we ship our prefinished tropical plants all around the United States. They all ship in a 4” square pot from October to March, and we also have a 5” Bougainvillea program that runs through May. Call us for more information, or contact one of our brokers if you are interested in ordering.


Quart Pre-Finished (4 PPP, pinched)

  • Barbara Karst
  • Juanita Hatten
  • Raspberry Ice
  • Purple
  • Sundown Orange
  • Imperial Thai Delight


4" Pre-Finished

Patented varieties, Royalty included in pricing

  • Red Fury (2 PPP, pinched), Non-Patented
  • Red Riding Hood (2 PPP, pinched)


4" Pre-Finished (2 PPP, pinched)

Patented varieties, Royalty included in pricing

  • Red Velvet
  • White Velvet

  • Non-Patented

  • Alice DuPont
  • Urechites Lutea Yellow

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Tropical Samples

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Mandevilla Alicia DuPont

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Bougainvillea Juanita Hatten

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Bougainvillea Raspberry Ice